Franz Winter
Head of Research Department, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria

Research area: chemical process engineering and energy technology
Chemical process engineering and energy technology combine flow, mass and heat transport and chemistry for the design of chemical reactors, process development and optimization. Our work combines basic research with industrial application.

Energy process engineering (combustion, reforming, gas generation, pyrolysis, CO2 separation, energy storage)
Refinery technology (fluid catalytic cracking)
Environmental process engineering (urban mining, recycling, ash management, phosphorus, NOx, SO2, HCl, other emissions)
Chemical process engineering (catalysis, oxychlorination)
Fuel technology (biomass, waste, gases, oils, FT diesel, coal)


Daniel Gauthier

Daniel GAUTHIER is a chemical engineer, graduated from the University of Toulouse (France) in 1976. He obtained in 1978 his Master of Science from the University of California at Santa Barbara (USA) where he was thereafter active as teaching and research assistant.
In 1979, he joined the French CNRS (National Center fro Scientific Research) in PROMES laboratory (Processes, Materials and Solar Energy) in Odeillo, obtained his Doctor of Science diploma from the University of Toulouse in 1992, and he became the Head of the Technical Division of PROMES in 2004. He retired from CNRS in 2017, but continued to asssist Prof. Jan Baeyens (BUCT and European Powder & Process Technology) as a consultant.
His main scientific and industrial activities address the applications of chemical engineering principles and technologies in concentrated solar energy technologies (especially solar-thermal treatment of carbonaceous materials and new thermal fluids), and in combustion and incineration with special emphasis on emission of harmful pollutants. All developed techniques involve gas-solid reactors and particularly gas-solid fluidization.
He published 85 peer-reviewed papers in international journals such as Solar Energy, ChERD, Chem. Eng. Sci., Applied Energy, Fuel, RSER, Energy, Comb. & Flame, RENE, Env. Sci. Tech., and other journals. He was moreover in charge of long-lasting collaborations with research centers from Argentina, Australia, China, Germany and Spain, and co-ordinated several multi-million European research projects.



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